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Monday, 20 February 2017

Bursting with Excitement - An invitation to bubble

In little over a week, The Fix-It Man will officially enter the much venerated world of picture books. And I couldn't be more proud. I feel as intoxicated with joy and fulfillment as a six-year-old in a jelly bean factory.

It's difficult to bottle such excitement - why would you want to? So to mark the publication of our first book baby together, Nicky Johnston and I are throwing a wee party to which you are ALL invited.

It's not a month long Blog Tour, or insanely hectic Blog Blast even. 

It's a baby BLOG BURST featuring some of our favourite Bookish Blog sites and buddies. 


Feel free to float back and forth between these fantastic sites for information on the book, insights on the creators (us 😊), and reviews. 

Come join the party. We can't wait to meet you there.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sharing the Love

While it's been hot enough here to melt the toenails off an elephant, I'm looking forward to cooling my heels and chilling out with a room full of glacial bright and beautiful stars this Friday.

Book Links QLD's inaugural Romancing the Stars Gold Coast night is all set to kick off at the All Saints Anglican School from 6.30 pm.

Tickets are still available via Try Booking - visit the site, here to make one and for the full details.

Do you know a young person who can't get enough of children's books? Someone who loves the art of story and writing or perhaps there's a budding artist in your life itching to see how real life book illustrators do it. Then bring them along, too. Children are welcome for the discounted price of $25.

Not only will they and you get to 'speed date' dozens of children's book creators like myself, but there will be games, raffles, books signings, yummy things to tuck into and, joy of joys, AIR CONDITIONING.

Similar events are taking place in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, as well.

So, to extend the joy of Valentine's Day and share the love of literature, be sure to join us.

Monday, 30 January 2017

New Year's News - Sneaking a peak at what's to come

The race to Christmas felt more frenetic than a skyful of reindeer on a gingerbread sugar rush so in an extreme effort to replace the usual SE Queensland Christmas glitter and heat, I headed overseas to the only equatorial city on earth that could celebrate Christmas with even more glitter and heat, Singapore.

Not as bad a choice as you may think. There were sites a plenty to keep us goggling well into the fairy-light encrusted evenings, cheap local delights to banish every sensation of hunger, and enough chilled department stores pumping out Michale Buble carols to remind us what time of year it was.

But 'dreams and schemes and holidays must always have an end' and as another summer of  magnificent holidays melts into a new school term and a new full year, I pause for thought. There's a heck of a lot about to happen and a lot that has already happened in Dim's world of words. Here are some of the more 'wow factor' ones that it's about time I made a bit of a big deal about:

  • The Chapel of Unlove scored a Shortlisting for the Western Australian Premier's Book Award 2016. Hurrah for digital narrative and Story City. 😁
  • Concrete Boots won first prize in the Charlotte Duncan Awards 2016. Years of practice finally paid off. 😌
  • Circus School becomes part of Virgin Australia's inflight children's entertainment program (February 2017) as part of the Kindergo App launching this year. The first picture book manuscript I ever penned will finally see the light of day...a 1000 miles high at least.🎪
  • Virtually Yours becomes my first published YA (short) story published as part of the Lodestone anthology for teen readers. 💫
  • The Asian Festival for Children's Content invited me to participate in their Writers' and Illustrators' conference in May this year. Look out Singapore, here I come...again. 😄
  • Greenleaf Press embraced me as part of their new line up of talent. My first Kinderfest presentation for them is later on this year.👼
  • Kids Book Review appointed me as their new Managing Editor. Lordy lordy. I could not be surrounded by more glorious kids' lit or people who adore it if I tried. 😊
  • And last but not least (it is still only January), my first picture book baby, The Fix-It Man has arrived. 😂😀 It's officially available in March and you are all invited to come to one or more or all of any of the events illustrator, Nicky Johnston and I are throwing to marvel at and caress it as much as we do, because that's how new book love works. Click on the images below for a sneak peak of the book trailer, some of Nicky's artwork and some of the dates we've got locked in so far. 
    The Fix-It Man Book Trailer
Nicky and Dimity appearing here
Click on this invitation to view more event dates

Monday, 28 November 2016

It's begining to taste a lot like Christmas

 I know, these are food shots and not very brilliant ones. But that hardly matters when you're gobbling down fist fulls of bonsai gingerbread men and mouthwatering fruit mince pies.

It's beginning to taste more like Christmas now.

For recipes and more Christmas fun, check out the PS Who Stole Santa's Mail? downloads page on my website.
You'll be whipping up rounds of Santa's favourite sweet treat in no time.
Created by Dimity, iced by her husband, consumed by the neighbourhood children


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Dim's Web Site

Like many things I attempt by hand, they can be a long time in the making and never quite perfect.

But it's sure fun having a go at getting them right.

So now, here, just in time for Christmas - Dim's shiny NEW WEBSITE.


It's bright and has lots of bits of me in it.

I hope you like it.

Let me know either way.


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Coming Soon!



One lower in calories than the other but just as delectable.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Awarding oneself - WA Premier's Book Awards

The argy-bargy that sometimes accompanies the gratuitous use of the terminology 'awards' on social media profiles is entertainment I often find chuckle worthy.

Colour me mission brown and call me Splinters if you like, but as a habitual fence sitter, I appreciate both sides' argument: stating you are an award winning author having amassed nothing more than a feeble handful of competition placings compared with someone whose work has gained notable international or national recognition is a bit of a stretch of artistic license and one we have all indulged in from time to time, yours truly included. It does not seem to matter that those very competitions you so diligently entered and conquered no less touted themselves as 'Awards' in the first place. The causal observer may not distinguish the semantics of the situation so easily as they can the sublime subterfuge of it.

Nonetheless, if you enter something and are rewarded in some fashion for it, the fact of the matter is that you deserve to bask in the winners' spot light no matter how fleeting or feeble. You have achieved something others for that moment have not. That is the significant thing to remember not how people perceive your moment of glory based on how you chose to proclaim it.

I am lucky. I can sit on my fence now with even more awareness of the views on both sides. The tab title 'Awards' that I'll use on my web page will not only reflect my most recent glorious achievement...a Shortlisting by the Western Australian Premier's Book Awards (a bona fide big deal award) but continue to pay homage to all those writing competitions and children's writing awards I collected along the way. Why? Because without all the fining tuning and feedback submitting to them provided, I would not have been able to identify a great opportunity as easily as I did. I would not have had the confidence in my writing to throw it out there for such strenuous judgement and I would not possess the pluck of the courageous to 'give it a go'.

It is a war cry worth remembering; if someone opens a door or a window or even provides a tiny rent in the fly screen of you life, don't be afraid to dive on through it. You never know what may be on the other side. A shiny gold award like this one to stick everywhere perhaps.

My humble story may not win the digital category. But for now it has achieved far more than I ever envisaged and has earned a rightful place under the banner 'awards'. And I still can't help chuckling about it.

The Chapel of Unlove is a digital narrative penned as part of the innovative Story City app project.
Here is what the judges had to say about it as a locative digital narrative:

Powell, Dimity The Chapel of Unlove  This narrative employs the Story City platform and is therefore primarily designed to be enjoyed as part of a walking tour. Normally the narrative would be driven by the choice of direction the reader takes for their walk, although it is also possible to make direction choices without physically moving around the space. Engaging and amusing, the story has a number of twists and turns only apparent when one works through the narrative more than once, altering choices made. Alternative endings mean this story walk could be taken a number of times, and suggestions for bonus activities and links to external web-based content add further interest.

To experience my story, The Chapel of Unlove, simply download the FREE Story City app, here. It's buckets of fun. You'll find dozens of other terrific stories to play in and around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Adelaide, too with more and more coming on line all the time. Follow Story City and The Chapel of Unlove updates on line, here.

To win a chance to rub shoulders with Australia’s famous authors and publishers at the prestigious 2016 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards ceremony on Monday 3 October 2016, vote for your favourite fiction book from those shortlisted at https://competitions.thewest.com.au/print-comps/the-west-australian/2006-premiers-book-awards-2016/ in the People's Choice Awards. Voting is open now and closes on Friday 19 August 2016.

Good luck and may you have reason to congratulate yourself some day soon.